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I just finished up the weekend course with A+ Firearms Training in Sparks NV. It is a very informative course, in the class, and at the range. John is great with people and bring a varieties of challenges. He make the course fun, but in a serious way. On the range he couldn't stress enough important on safety. He watch everyone closely, to insure they are using a technique correctly, or other options from a firing stands or postures. Money well spent, time well spent.

Ken M. 

Reno, NV


John Glatthar was very professional. He has skill in explaining all the elements of gun safety and is patients. His sense of humor breaks up some of the monotony of the subject. I fell very fortunate in having taken my training with him. I am much more confidant in my abilities and knowledge.

Thank you, John.


Peter B.

Titusville, FL


My wife and I took one of John's courses after getting a recommendation from a friend whose wife took a course. The course was extremely thorough and John is a very effective instructor, communicating the course material in a way that makes it interesting and allows you to retain the content. My wife and I felt very comfortable in the environment he provided, both in the classroom and on the range, and very confident after his training. I highly recommend A+ Firearms Training.


James D.

Sunnyside-Tahoe City, CA

the classroom course is thorough and John has a great skill at keeping things interesting through a long day.  the hands- on shooting at the range is varied and well thought out.. Overall, John does a great job....


Renz R.

Tahoe Vista, CA


I took my CCW Class from A+ Firearms.  I learned so much in this class, it was great!  This was a very thorough class.  I really appreciated the instructor's training style.  I was a little aprehensive about taking this course, because I'm a woman.  All I can say is, ladies don't worry!  The instructor was patient and kind in helping me with my firearm.


Bev J.

Sparks, NV


Took my CCW renewal class from John Glatther and was impressed with his experience, knowledge and professional atmosphere. He was very accomodating and easy to relate to. I would take any required course from him in the future, as well as voluntary training.


Rick Y.

Reno, NV


John's class was recommended to me by a friend. So, when it was time to sign up for a CCW class, I called John.

The course content was well-organized, informative, and very well presented with both a slide presentation and written materials. John is an excellent instructor who was well prepared and had the class room set up early. I appreciated the in-class demonstrations, as well as the display of numerous types of holsters and suggested locations for concealed carry. These were great pearls of wisdom which I hadn't given much thought to, until John pointed this information out.

The time spent at the range was awesome. John provided clear, careful instructions to insure everyone's safety. Again, John was early at the range and had meticulously set up tables and targets for our group. He demonstrated a variety of tips to consider when defending yourself and set up scenarios for our shooting demonstration which made the activity a lot of fun & informative.

All of the training was completed in a competent, non-intimidating manner. I highly recommend A+ for your Firearm Training!

Patrick J.
Sparks, NV


John's attention to detail, clear and concise description, and strong attention to safety and the law, was especially helpful for a couple who are novices with firearms. Within an hour, we were learning how to handle a gun safely and confidently. He is a patient and attentive teacher, who delivers his important information with calm, experience, and effectiveness. I highly recommend John. Shouldn't we all exercise our second Amendment rights? In a world of uncertainty: Get trained. Get confident. And get protected. John and A+ Firearms is the place to go for anyone in Northern Nevada looking for training and peace of mind. You will be glad you did.

Marc And Peter Z.
Reno, NV


I have taken Johns Firearms 202 class a few times now and he never lets me down. He always provides a safe and challenging class geared for the dedicated CCW carrier. His classes capture the imagination of real life scenarios as seen in society today. As a dedicated CCW holder I find his 202 class a great way to tune up and maintain my focus and skill at arms. You can bet I'll be back.

Wesley B V.
Reno, NV


Took Nevada and Utah CCW course with John. Great class. Except for 1 outing, I had not shot for years and John ran a great range course as well and all students qualified with ease. Class time also good with added multi-media presentations and demo models, etc. Highly recommended.

Jim E.
Orinda, CA


Myself and two of my friend went to A+ Firearms Training for our CCW without knowing what to expect, I was extremely impressed with John's expert knowledge and professionalism and he has great patients with all. John's has vast knowledge of the Laws and Legal codes and broke those down into layman's terms. John gave great instruction on our stance and holding of our weapons. And most importantly John laughed at my jokes. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Robert K.
Fremont, CA


I have known John for well over 7 years and know him to be a man of honesty and integrity. John was my CCW instructor when my Wife and I first relocated to Nevada and since then has become my personal firearms "go to" expert. John is knowledgeable in all areas of firearm skills an safety. He has the ability to work with students of all skill levels from beginner to professional and make the training experience enjoyable. A+ Firearms Training is by far the best firearms training company in Northern Nevada and John is the reason why. Check them out!

Brian L. D.
Sparks, NV


John Glatthar is very knowledgeable about all aspects of firearms safety, codes and guns. The classroom portion is very thorough, but John keeps it interesting. As a woman, I feel very comfortable in his classes, and would not hesitate to recommend A+ Firearms Training to other women. When it comes time for the range portion, John is very safety oriented, and takes time to make sure each student knows the proper way to handle their weapon, and gives helpful suggestions on ways to improve. I know several other women, most beginners, that took this course, and all of them felt comfortable and safe, and enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend A+ Firearms Training!

V D.
Sparks, NV


This was one of the best courses I've ever taken. John is very knowledgeable in all aspects of training, laws, and guns. He makes the CCW class very interesting. I learned alot of things I never knew. I've been around other instructors that make you feel uncomfortable, But John really made it fun, as well as made me want to learn. I definetly recommend any courses that A+ Firearms has to offer. Matter of fact I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Really looking foward to doing other courses very soon.

Jarrod B.
Sparks, NV


I came in from Oklahoma to get the course for NV and Utah concealed carry permits. Great experience! Professional, well paced training, experienced instructor, all the extras that made it more than just meeting the "minimum requirements." Comfortable friendly environment to learn and a real expert to train you, he picks up on your individual proficiency level and "meets you there". Anyone from beginner to expert can learn from this man. Highly recommended! I hope to return and take other course offerings.

Michael D.
Norman, OK


Did you take a training class from us?

Please post your experience with us on




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